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Letters Behind the Blockade: Thoughts on the Gyra and the Ancient’s Wisdom

I served in the Homeworld War. I was at the second Battle of the Yards. And I watched Gyr burn. At the time I was devastated. It was an attack without honor by a man who had none.

I always felt the Gyra were a good and decent people. They didn’t deserve this. And seeing so many on my ship die and watching an entire people’s planet boil, I found it hard to cope. In my time of darkness, I turned to the light. The Order of Dawn became a good part of my life.

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Messages from Nyr Fan, Representative of the Gyra Refugees

One influential person during the early days of New Gyr, back when it was Phaelos III, was Ryl Nyr-Fan, representative of the 20 million Gyra refugees and member of the Silent Conversation.

She spoke to the colonists that Gyr was still a political force and sought to have the Gyra treated as a political entity and worthy of respect. She also requested that they be listened to.

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Letter to the Editor: A Soul Makes a Person, not Artificial Intelligence

Dear Editor,

I remember a time when Robotics research held the lofty goal of easing human labor and creating better tools, not fashioning “people”.  Now, it seems, the Galaxy has gone mad and we are asking ourselves if we want to give human status to machines – to tools, mind you.

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New Gyr’s 30th Annivesary: A Welcome from the Speaker

The following is a message from Speaker Arlanna Ryf-av:

As Speaker of the Silent Conversation, I want to welcome all of you to our commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of New Gyr. We have worked hard to put together an event that recalls our past but looks towards the future; that reflects the diversity of our land and its people; and that emphasizes our commitments to inclusion and fair treatment of all – be they Innate, Evos, or Augment; be they Dawnlighter or Follower of the Tides. We are looking forward to a joyful, hopeful, peaceful celebration, and we hope that you all will join with us in that spirit.

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Speaker Ryf-Av, Silent Conversation: Call to End the Blockade of Agerre

Each morning I wake up and keep to a ritual. Shower. Dress. Coffee and a smoke outside the newsroom. Breakfast occurs somewhere in there, along with some chatting and the start of the workday.

But as I have my coffee and smoke, I take in the scene around me that many others in New Gyr take for granted each day. Green grass and trees toward one horizon. A breeze carries fresh salty spray from the other horizon. Above, a blue sky that kisses the ocean as the two meet in the distance.

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Enact AI Legislation Now before Politicians Become Obsolete

The G9-45, Enterios’s latest and greatest in un-capped, fully autonomous androids, debuted in a limited sale on Ottsalia last week. Leveraging the most adaptable AI ever produced, it is capable of handling nearly all tasks formerly requiring a human user – completely eliminating the need for human labor, if you can afford the price tag. Though organic staff members may still oversee them in some workplaces, they will likely soon be replaced by robots.

Baryosi Comma is Pointless Punctuation

There has been blood spilled. This war has spread to nearly all worlds and has resulted in dozens of duels. And now, dear reader, the war has reached New Gyr and our own very newsroom. Rest assured that I will stand with you on the side of that which is correct, which all peoples can agree is good and just. We will stand opposed to the Baryosi Comma!

How about Humanly Outraged? – Response to Innately Outraged

Humans are not machines, and machines are not humans. That’s just reality, and the HUMAN capability to feel empathy has nothing to do with it! New Gyr should indeed be a place of refuge, but granting human status to non-humans will not further that goal.

There is nothing greedy or complacent about using robots for labor that no human can safely do. Frankly, intelligence caps on androids may very well be preventing humans from being ruled by deathless cybermasters!

Baryosi Assassin Found Guilty, Previously Hid on New Gyr

Two weeks ago, Baryosi citizen Emeka Chi’kelu was found guilty of the attempted assassination of two legitimate business people on Baryos. About three years ago, Chi’kelu attempted the assassination but their plot was foiled when an Ottsallian Purse animal of some interminant species began making noise (court records show both squawking and barking) which reveiled Chi’kelu’s presence.

After the failed plot, Chi’kelu fled to New Gyr to “lay low”, but they were discovered by the New Gyr Militia about two years ago based on a tip from a local informant.

Call for Speaker Ryf-Av to not be Silent in Android Conversation

It has been 30 years since the colonists of Phaellos III declared this world to be New Gyr, a place of safety and refuge for the lost and persecuted. To do this they had to rely on the values of empathy and understanding, reaching out to others who they previously feared or called enemies. Now, however, greed and complacency have lead us to put those same values to shame. All around us, every day, sentient Androids suffer in servitude and enforced ignorance due to an outdated legal definition that could be corrected with a few keystrokes.