In Memoriam: Speaker Fen Ga-ryn


The following was written by current Speaker Arlanna Ryf-av:

As we begin to celebrate 30 years of this grand experiment, we must take the time to remember the person who put their heart, sweat, and mind toward first dreaming and then designing this celebration: Fen Ga-ryn, our speaker of nine years, almost a third of the time our new land has existed.

Sadly, Fen died suddenly and unexpectedly six months ago, within sight of their vision coming to fruition. Fen’s family had never been involved in the Silent Conversation and their parents were navigators who were off world at the time of Gyr’s great loss.

Fen moved to New Gyr at age 20 from Dor Len Sono (where they had devoted their study to understanding the Gyra ecosystem) as so many did, eager to create a new world that would honor the memory of the past while moving towards the future.

Once here, they quickly began to make a name for themselves, settling in Three Stone Harbor. They worked closely with Lyra Rfy-Av and Ryl Nyr-Fan, the first speaker and first diplomat of New Gyr, respectively, to reach out to the scattered Gyra community and bring those who had kept knowledge of the animals and plants of Gyr alive here to settle.

Fen brought the Coral keepers to the sea. They ensured the Mudfish thrived and that our sea grass blew in the wind, all while carefully monitoring the ecological impact on native species. Their skill in working with many parties while always keeping New Gyr first in their mind was always apparent and they were soon named as Department Chief of the Environment, where they served for four years.

They were later named to the Central Cand placed in charge of both the Gyra Art Exchange and the Environmental Science Committee. After serving on the Central Council for five years, they were named Speaker by a large majority, after speaker Elan Fyl-ras stepped down.

As Speaker, they moved New Gyr forward with a steady hand. Their major public accomplishments included securing a longstanding trade and cooperation agreement between New Gyr and their former home, Dor Len Sono, ensuring lasting funding for re-introducing more flora and fauna into New Gyr’s ecosystem and greatly expanding the settled territory, especially onto the Islands in the Great Sea. They also contributed greatly toward building up the capacity of the New Gyr Militia.

But those who knew them personally also will remember them as a fair leader, a constant advocate for the rights of New Gyr to establish its own destiny, and a supporter of all who wanted to make a better life. They left behind their partner, Jes Ga-ryn and one child, Fena, who is currently ten.

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of New Gyr, please take a moment to remember Fen Ga-ryn, who got us to the beautiful homeworld we enjoy today.