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Enterios Corporation linked to rat problem on New Gyr

Enterios Corporation has been linked, in part, to the introduction and continued presence of rats on the world of New Gyr.

Through its research, the Colonial News Bulletin has officially linked Enterios as a contributor to the rat problem on New Gyr. Multiple documents and accounts from the planets founding, when it was still called the Phaelos III colony, were studied.

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The Life and Death of Ya-rett

Arlann Ya-rett was born on Gyr. He was killed while attempting to steal an Commonwealth Capital Ship, which was successfully captured by his Agerran confederate¬†Admiral Therra. The things that happened between these two events are open to debate and interpretation, but it cannot be denied that they had a resounding effect felt across the entire galaxy from the thriving homeworld of New Gyr to the now continuously blockaded Aggere. As we look back at the history of New Gyr’s founding, we must examine the life and history of Ya-rett.¬†

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Knots have tied up New Gyr Fashion

If you’re into the latest New Gyr fashion, you cannot say “Not I” to wearing knots. They can be used in neckwear or incorporated into belts, accessories and even clothing. Turn an ordinary top into an extraordinary one by adding a knot or two in the straps, or a simple length of leather or cord around the waste with an elegant knot offset by some beads or gems. But be careful, there are meanings in knots so what may look cool and fashionable might make your partner jealous if it’s sending a message that you are available.

Letters Behind the Blockade: A Father’s Grief for Three Children

To the Galaxy at Large,

I had three children once.

My eldest daughter was a researcher and on a surface installation outside of one of the larger caves in the southern hemisphere of Agerre. She was had a brilliant mind and was very gifted, finishing her advanced studies on Baryos two years early. She returned to our homeworld to study the plant and animal life with some new theories about making life-saving medicines. She was killed in an orbital bombardment when Admiral Therra returned.

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Flying High as a Kite in Phaelos III’s Early Days

Kite is an illegal drug in the form of a small, red, fish-shaped candy that, when ingested, produces a significant high in the user. The feeling of being “as high as a kite” is where its name originates. When the first colonists arrived on New Gyr, what was then simply Phaelos III, it became very apparent that the little red fish had swam along with them.¬†