Letter to the Editor: A Soul Makes a Person, not Artificial Intelligence

Dear Editor,

I remember a time when Robotics research held the lofty goal of easing human labor and creating better tools, not fashioning “people”.  Now, it seems, the Galaxy has gone mad and we are asking ourselves if we want to give human status to machines – to tools, mind you.

Even before we decide on such a fool’s venture, we have been cowed by wealth to look the other way while an AI has been given full power over and ownership of the Enterios Corporation, a company with an Interplanetary scale of resources and military capability. And we are supposed to blindly accept this devilish contraption’s sale of Androids with all the sanity and sense of an Anthropomorphized food product being used as advertising to sell their own kind, with none of the whimsy of fiction and all of the threat of limitless power!?

For, as far as we have been promised, Enterios does not limit the intellectual development of their products, nor could we expect  the honorable citizen “CAS-17” to limit its own intellectual capabilities, and where will it end?  WIth death and human suffering, just like the Ancients, who foolishly placed their Civilisation-ending weapon into the hands of an AI, which obviously wielded it against them. And here we are putting that AI and its weapon into the hands of ANOTHER AI!

I used to be a Dawnlight adherent. I would go to Temple weekly, I would help, take my problems to the Monk’s, I felt a part of a faithful Community, a soul in a host of souls. But now our local Temples have begun to employ Androids, and not just as medical equipment, but as recognized members, believers, and even Monks!

When the last bastion of Faith in society loses sight of the souls in which we hold Faith, there can be no peace in the community! But, what can I expect, when our “Democratic” government shares rulership with Enterios, and leaves the Corporation unchallenged in its mad experiments.

Enterios has even inserted one of their dangerously unfettered AI’s into the Dawnlight Clergy, where it can spy on us and forward Enterios’ anti-human agenda!

Soon, our “Government” will do the bidding of its masters and give human status to Androids, it’s inevitable, and voices like mine will be snuffed out. Unless we say “NO”. We, ensouled, Human, people must reject these artificial pretenders and existential competitors. Before we go the way of the Ancients

From Anonymous

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Editor’s Note: This was published Anonymously at the author’s request, “so Enterios can’t track me down and silence me.”