Letter to the Editor: Not to Split Hairs over Splitting Tables …


All due respect to your last submitter, but they are so very, very wrong.

I too, was a first responder to Phaelos III, a service technician of sorts. And what your previous writer failed to mention was that in the first three days of habitation, not one, but THREE tables met their end.

I was present for two myself. To be frank, anyone who thinks that a modern vibrosword can’t slice through a table as easily as it can cut paper has never seen an angry paladin chopping through hordes of homicidal robots. Those tables did not crack, they were cleanly sliced, by Paladins and Agerrans alike.

Please, don’t allow the ramblings of some anonymous source convince you that our traditions are unfounded.

Yours truly,

Someone who was actually there

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