Category: Letters Behind the Blockade

Sometimes correspondence slips out of Agerre and past Ya-Rett’s Irregulars. It is our journalistic and moral duty to inform the rest of the galaxy knows what damage these pirates have done. Where possible, the Colonial News Bulletin will try to pass messages back to friends and loved ones.

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Letters Behind the Blockade: Thoughts on the Gyra and the Ancient’s Wisdom

I served in the Homeworld War. I was at the second Battle of the Yards. And I watched Gyr burn. At the time I was devastated. It was an attack without honor by a man who had none.

I always felt the Gyra were a good and decent people. They didn’t deserve this. And seeing so many on my ship die and watching an entire people’s planet boil, I found it hard to cope. In my time of darkness, I turned to the light. The Order of Dawn became a good part of my life.

Letters Behind the Blockade: A Father’s Grief for Three Children

To the Galaxy at Large,

I had three children once.

My eldest daughter was a researcher and on a surface installation outside of one of the larger caves in the southern hemisphere of Agerre. She was had a brilliant mind and was very gifted, finishing her advanced studies on Baryos two years early. She returned to our homeworld to study the plant and animal life with some new theories about making life-saving medicines. She was killed in an orbital bombardment when Admiral Therra returned.