Messages from Nyr Fan, Representative of the Gyra Refugees

One influential person during the early days of New Gyr, back when it was Phaelos III, was Ryl Nyr-Fan, representative of the 20 million Gyra refugees and member of the Silent Conversation.

She spoke to the colonists that Gyr was still a political force and sought to have the Gyra treated as a political entity and worthy of respect. She also requested that they be listened to.

“We have 20 million people without a true home,” Nyr-Fan said. “This is the first land that has been available to us.” The Gyra sought to settle on Phaelos III in great numbers and to have land they could live on again.

Ultimately the colonists would vote to make that land available. After the voting resulted in the establishment of New Gyr, Nyr-Fan was clearly overcome with emotions.

“We have a long road ahead of us, we have a long road of governing,” she said. “Oh my goodness. What does that even mean? We’ll figure it out.”

She went on to thank many of those who contributed to the success and to provide personal messages to friends and loved ones. In retrospect it’s a very touching and human look at politicians that we don’t see very often.

With posturing taken away, it is clear that Nyr-Fan was an emotional person who wanted the best for her people. Yet not everyone may agree with the methods used by Nyr-Fan or the Gyra over the years, it is undeniable that they got results.

Her final words ring true 30 years later: “We did it. We shall sail the seas again. May the stars always guide our path.”

It might be worth it for the current Speaker and other members of the Silent Conversation to listen to Nyr-Fan’s words and have a conversation about where the long road of governing has taken the colony and what direction it should take in the future. There are a lot of things the Conversation has been Silent about and even Nyr-Fan made a point that the Conversation could be Silent no longer.