EnteriOOPS: Three times the galaxy’s favorite corporation accidentally helped out war criminals [SPONSORED]


We all try to do our best to make the galaxy a better place. Even, sometimes, our corporate overlords at the Enterios Corporation (haha, I kid, I kid, of course they’re trying the best they can). But, well, this is embarrassing. It turns out when you’re a huge, multi-planetary corporation with almost no accountability or ethical corporate culture, sometimes silly accidents get made.

#3: Enterios software taken over by Shards and Silencers

Oh boy! Remember the ‘60s? Well, here on New Gyr, a whole lot was happening, some of it pretty bad. The Shards and Silencers are two things ‘60s kids might remember. Augmented gangs created by a hostile computer virus, they fought each other in the streets of what was then Phaelos III, resulting in a whole bunch of gross murder.

But what you might not know is: the Shards and Silencers started out as normal Augmented humans, back when almost all augments were made by Enterios. It turns out an exploit in the standard Augment software—one that took the corporation an embarrassingly long time to fix—was responsible for letting hard-working, honest folk get turned into nasty murder-gangs.


#2: Killface Kou-San escapes authorities dressed as a CAS-model android

Who can forget a name like Killface? The notorious murderer, originally a member of the Seventeen Hands, emerged as the galaxy’s most-wanted criminal between the years 174 and 179. Killface Kou-San and his pirate crew became notorious for running the Agerran blockade in disguise, then robbing and killing every passenger they picked up hoping for a better life in the colonies. Totally heinous!

Sure, we all know what eventually happened to Killface and his crew. But the notorious murderer was actually almost apprehended by customs authorities on Hinge in 175, right at the start of his killing spree. It turns out—as has been widely reported in several true-crime vids and holos—that, with their fake IDs busted, Killface and two of his henchmen managed to use some engine grease and silver paint to disguise themselves as Enterios model androids.

It seems crazy now, but this was back in the days when nobody searched androids for contraband or weapons, because everyone assumed they’d be nonviolent by programming. In Killface’s case, though, that was a grave miscalculation.

Oh no!

#1: [Redacted] on Zé

Our legal team has just informed me that we can’t talk about #1. My bad! It’s a real stinker, though.


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