How about Humanly Outraged? – Response to Innately Outraged

Humans are not machines, and machines are not humans. That’s just reality, and the HUMAN capability to feel empathy has nothing to do with it! New Gyr should indeed be a place of refuge, but granting human status to non-humans will not further that goal.

There is nothing greedy or complacent about using robots for labor that no human can safely do. Frankly, intelligence caps on androids may very well be preventing humans from being ruled by deathless cybermasters!

Sounds silly, but I am dead serious here. What else is stopping them? Not empathy, because if you want to find examples of greed and complacency, you need look no further than what the Enterios Corporation is already doing to New Gyr and its people – extorting untold sums from their Augmented human workforce, bespoiling the once-beautiful Black Snow Mountain and spreading propaganda among the youth that robots should be “liberated”.

Android rights? Give me a break! Maybe first there should be sanctions against companies that treat HUMANS poorly!

– Concerned Colonist Who Doesn’t Want To Get Fired

Should Androids and AIs be granted the same status as humans?

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