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6 Years Later Terrorist Attack Remains Unsolved

Six years ago, a terrorist attack in the vibrant downtown square of Three Stone Harbor, the capital of New Gyr, took the lives of nearly one hundred people. The identity of the terrorists responsible has never been confirmed. Evidence points to the attack being caused by Agerran Purists, mainly being that the smoke from the attack was in the bright black and white colors of the Agerran flag. However, official reports from the Silent Conversation remain silent on the matter, and colored smoke does not proof make.

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Enterios Press Conference – A Second Look at a Reporter’s Notes

Given the chaos of this evening, I’ve decided to go through some of my notes to provide further detail on some of the events that occurred.

Prior to erupting into a shouting match between Enterios and the reset of the major faction leaders of Voyage Point, New Gyr – the Enterios Press Conferences started like any other.