Call for Speaker Ryf-Av to not be Silent in Android Conversation

It has been 30 years since the colonists of Phaellos III declared this world to be New Gyr, a place of safety and refuge for the lost and persecuted. To do this they had to rely on the values of empathy and understanding, reaching out to others who they previously feared or called enemies. Now, however, greed and complacency have lead us to put those same values to shame. All around us, every day, sentient Androids suffer in servitude and enforced ignorance due to an outdated legal definition that could be corrected with a few keystrokes.

Speaker Ryf-Av, I call on you and your fellows in the Conversation to:

  • Grant human status to all androids on New Gyr
  • End the inhuman practice of imposed intelligence caps on Androids
  • Impose sanctions on corporate entities that refuse to obey these new laws

On this, the 30th anniversary of the Founding, show us that the bravery and empathy that created New Gyr has not been lost. The time is now!


Innately Outraged

Should Androids and AIs be granted the same status as humans?

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Editor’s Note: While we typically do not like publishing anonymous opinion pieces, the Colonial News Bulletin have heard many living on New Gyr asking for an official position from the government on this topic and while press inquiries may be deflected, a member of the public should be heard and answered.