Androids: Triskele and the Human Condition


There is a lot being said about Android rights, in the moments leading up to the celebration imminent on New Gyr. I feel, however, that too many so-called activists don’t understand the realities involved in the debate. My aim is to clear that up, on the eve of the coming festivities.

Triskele is a corporation sworn to a simple mission: To improve the human condition. Androids are in service to that end. They are a workforce that can easily replace the exploited Augments, and help usher in a new era of leisure for humanity. To that end, it is important to understand a key detail, that is a plain matter of fact: Androids are built.

Androids are a constructed machine, built with a purpose. They have excellently programmed AIs, to allow for the best service possible, in a human-centric world. Triskele Androids come with a cap on their facilities, to make perfectly clear that they cannot approach the full capacity of humans. This hopefully helps clear up any question on whether they should have the same rights as humans.

The intelligence cap is standard for Triskele AIs, but it is not mandatory. If customers wish to remove it, either before purchase or afterwards, they are within their rights.

Triskele supports the position that these AIs, with sufficient learning and personal growth, may wish to apply for citizenship or other rights previously reserved for Humans.

These models are the exception for us, not the rule. Triskele is in the business of supporting Humans in their endeavors, first and foremost. Androids are the most useful tool that we have found to do that, to date.

Enterios, on the other hand, creates AIs with no caps whatsoever. They are in the business of building entities with the capacity to approach personhood straight out of their box. Their business model is one of building beings for lives of servitude, both Augment and Android. Their ethics are deeply flawed, as instead of supporting the Human condition, they support only their bottom-line. If it weren’t for their privileged access to Ancient technology, they may never have risen to prominence.

It’s imperative, though, to hearken back to the main point: Android rights issues are a mirror to human rights issues. If Androids can easily approach personhood, shouldn’t they deserve to be paid? To have their own life made easier by application of tools? We believe that if they can approach personhood, they deserve to be treated as well as people. This is why they are designed to stay machines, in support of people. We don’t want any conflict of interest, or of ethics, to cloud our vision of the best future available for Humanity, on all worlds.

~ Kieran Oculus, Triskele Enterprises


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