Letters Behind the Blockade: Thoughts on the Gyra and the Ancient’s Wisdom

I served in the Homeworld War. I was at the second Battle of the Yards. And I watched Gyr burn. At the time I was devastated. It was an attack without honor by a man who had none.

I always felt the Gyra were a good and decent people. They didn’t deserve this. And seeing so many on my ship die and watching an entire people’s planet boil, I found it hard to cope. In my time of darkness, I turned to the light. The Order of Dawn became a good part of my life.

It was there I met my husband. We had a daughter. Times were good. We raised a family. Eventually our daughter grew up, met someone and together they adopted a child. I loved my grandchild very much.

My grandchild was targeted from orbit by Gyra for their sick and twisted pleasure. A 16-year-old during their rite of passage armed with a knife and a spear was killed from orbit by a cruiser with a kinetic weapon.

Ya-Rett’s Irregulars – there is something irregular about any individual capable of killing in cold blood. I guess that’s why so many Gyra crowd around the  Immolator, Therra, as if he were some sort of divine being.

After my grandchild was murdered, I sought wisdom from the Ancients. I’ve come to believe that the Ancients are still part of this universe, that they try to influence our actions and ultimately seek to help us build a better galaxy. In seeking their wisdom, I’ve come to believe that they see the Gyra as a threat to us all.

When Gyr burned, yes it was Therra’s actions that ended billions of lives – but the Ancients guided his hand with their weapon. And remember some 30 years later on Phaellos III, what is now called New Gyr – just hours after a new colony for the Gyra was established, Ancient automations rose up again and tried to destroy the colony. These aren’t mere acts of circumstances, this is the Ancients rising up because the Gyra are a threat.

Don’t believe me? Consider what the Immolator, Therra, who appointed himself protector of New Gyr, did after he stole an Agerran capital ship.

Did he shore up his position around New Gyr? No. Did he seek to build orbital defense platforms? Nope.

Within mere DAYS of capturing a capital ship, Therra and his band of Gyra sympathizers bombarded innocent civilians on the surface of Agerre. They tried to corrupt other Agerrans to their cause, spreading their desire to kill and destroy others.

The Gyra have waged a 30-year war of piracy against a free people. These are not the actions of kind and gentle individuals, but these are actions that the New Gyra government, the Silent Conversation, does not condemn. Instead they exhault the Immolator, Therra and promote his children and grandchildren to positions of power.

I write this now in the hope that this message finds it way off world. I call upon all free people of the Universe to stand united against the Gyra threat. Heed the wisdom of the Ancients. Encourage the Gyra to change their ways for the better or if the Ancients see fit to strike the Gyra again, let no one stand in there way.

~ Aurum Amitiel, from the caves of Agerre

Editor’s Note: This letter does not represent the views of the Colonial News Bulletin. However it is presented here to provide insight into the thinking on Agerre. There are a number of letters received that we do not run. However it is worth mentioning again that, to date, the Silent Conversation has said nothing of the continued attacks on Agerre and each passing year, sentiment among Agerrans grows less and less sympathetic for the Gyra. This is a more extremist view on Agerre, but support grows for it each day Gyra pirates remain stationed above the planet.