Baryosi Comma is Pointless Punctuation

There has been blood spilled. This war has spread to nearly all worlds and has resulted in dozens of duels. And now, dear reader, the war has reached New Gyr and our own very newsroom. Rest assured that I will stand with you on the side of that which is correct, which all peoples can agree is good and just. We will stand opposed to the Baryosi Comma!

For those of you who don’t know what the Baryosi Comma is, refer to the following sentences.

  1. My parents, a case of Ottsalian Whiskey and an Android were in the cargo bay.
  2. My parents, a case of Ottsalian Whiskey, and an Android were in the cargo bay.

That little boldfaced comma in sentence #2, right after Whiskey, is the Baroysi comma.

Reading both sentences it is clear what the meaning is; there are four things in the cargo bay and they are two parents, a case of Whiskey and an Android. There are not two things in there, a case of Whiskey and an Android that happen to be the parents of the person writing this.

The Baryosi Comma began as a gesture from the grandiose society after which it was named where ink and paper were aplenty. However those of us from worlds with scare resources respect that every inch of text, every word and every sentence should be maximized to their effectiveness.

Maybe some other reporters of the Colonial News Bulletin would remember that when they submit future articles. I’m looking at you Wenn Rocelle.

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