Category: Looking Back

New Gyr is celebrating its 30th year as an independent colony so we are taking a look back at some of the stories and news from its founding. A lot has changed in three decades … while other things remain the same.

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Messages from Nyr Fan, Representative of the Gyra Refugees

One influential person during the early days of New Gyr, back when it was Phaelos III, was Ryl Nyr-Fan, representative of the 20 million Gyra refugees and member of the Silent Conversation.

She spoke to the colonists that Gyr was still a political force and sought to have the Gyra treated as a political entity and worthy of respect. She also requested that they be listened to.

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The Life and Death of Ya-rett

Arlann Ya-rett was born on Gyr. He was killed while attempting to steal an Commonwealth Capital Ship, which was successfully captured by his Agerran confederate Admiral Therra. The things that happened between these two events are open to debate and interpretation, but it cannot be denied that they had a resounding effect felt across the entire galaxy from the thriving homeworld of New Gyr to the now continuously blockaded Aggere. As we look back at the history of New Gyr’s founding, we must examine the life and history of Ya-rett. 

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Flying High as a Kite in Phaelos III’s Early Days

Kite is an illegal drug in the form of a small, red, fish-shaped candy that, when ingested, produces a significant high in the user. The feeling of being “as high as a kite” is where its name originates. When the first colonists arrived on New Gyr, what was then simply Phaelos III, it became very apparent that the little red fish had swam along with them.