The Commitment by the Galactic League to Sovereign Immunity

When we look back at the Galactic League and it’s attempts to influence the direction of Phaelos III, we come across Princess Mos Lara Kan, Ancillary Consul of the Galactic League, attempting to influence things from afar.

In the early days there was an attack where security personnel of the Agerran Commonwealth performed a security action. At that time, Enterios was providing for the security of the colony however their efforts were insufficient. Reports are sketchy as to what exactly happened, but ultimately the actions found their way to the Galactic League and a response was issued.

Princess Kan read a prepared statement outlining some of the key principles of the Galactic League.


“The Galactic League condemns and decries all efforts to impose external law within the domain of a neutral territory. And the use of unnecessary violence by any state sanctioned officials.

“The galactic league upholds the principle of sovereign immunity , even in the brief absence of government on Phaelos III as well as the personal sovereignty of all persons therein. It is unacceptable and improper  to detain, attack or otherwise injure a civilian without probable cause of direct harm which was not shown to be present last night.”

Of course these kind words were likely an effort to get Phaelos III to join the Galactic League, however the people of the young colony chose to establish themselves as New Gyr, leaving the Galactic League to its own, aging devices.

One has to wonder what has become of the League’s power. Those moral principles would surely have driven them to at least condemn the actions of Ya-Rett’s Irregular which have injured civilians without probable cause of direct harm, which have threatened the principle of sovereignty and which have used unnecessary violence by Gyra state sanctioned officials.

Maybe the Wyndzor Viterine, the Baryosi Ambassador on New Gyr can correct this.