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A section for Colonial News Bulletin staff or guests to voice their concerns and opinions on past, present and future affairs. A more civil way to duel with words rather than the vibrosword.

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Letter to the Editor: A Soul Makes a Person, not Artificial Intelligence

Dear Editor,

I remember a time when Robotics research held the lofty goal of easing human labor and creating better tools, not fashioning “people”.  Now, it seems, the Galaxy has gone mad and we are asking ourselves if we want to give human status to machines – to tools, mind you.

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Speaker Ryf-Av, Silent Conversation: Call to End the Blockade of Agerre

Each morning I wake up and keep to a ritual. Shower. Dress. Coffee and a smoke outside the newsroom. Breakfast occurs somewhere in there, along with some chatting and the start of the workday.

But as I have my coffee and smoke, I take in the scene around me that many others in New Gyr take for granted each day. Green grass and trees toward one horizon. A breeze carries fresh salty spray from the other horizon. Above, a blue sky that kisses the ocean as the two meet in the distance.

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Enact AI Legislation Now before Politicians Become Obsolete

The G9-45, Enterios’s latest and greatest in un-capped, fully autonomous androids, debuted in a limited sale on Ottsalia last week. Leveraging the most adaptable AI ever produced, it is capable of handling nearly all tasks formerly requiring a human user – completely eliminating the need for human labor, if you can afford the price tag. Though organic staff members may still oversee them in some workplaces, they will likely soon be replaced by robots.

Baryosi Comma is Pointless Punctuation

There has been blood spilled. This war has spread to nearly all worlds and has resulted in dozens of duels. And now, dear reader, the war has reached New Gyr and our own very newsroom. Rest assured that I will stand with you on the side of that which is correct, which all peoples can agree is good and just. We will stand opposed to the Baryosi Comma!