Baryosi Assassin Found Guilty, Previously Hid on New Gyr

Two weeks ago, Baryosi citizen Emeka Chi’kelu was found guilty of the attempted assassination of two legitimate business people on Baryos. About three years ago, Chi’kelu attempted the assassination but their plot was foiled when an Ottsallian Purse animal of some interminant species began making noise (court records show both squawking and barking) which reveiled Chi’kelu’s presence.

After the failed plot, Chi’kelu fled to New Gyr to “lay low”, but they were discovered by the New Gyr Militia about two years ago based on a tip from a local informant.

At the time, rumor had it that the information came from a rival assassin who didn’t’ want more competition on New Gyr, but no one was willing to provide a quote to that effect with their name attached. Chi’kelu was extracted to Baryos for trial.

The trial did provide a window into a world not seen by many, the rate card for contract killing. Don’t go reaching for your account codes though, as this is well outside of the price ranges for many.

Chi’kelu charged c50,000 for the assassination of two people, but that’s not c25,000 per person as one might expect. Rather the first target was c40,000, but additional targets are typically only 15-25 percent more than the initial cost, provided they are in the same general area and the risk and other details are the same or similar.

And Chi’kelu’s rate was on the lower-end, which brought explosive responses from the convicted criminal when they were mentioned in court. More experienced assassins would start at c50,000 and rates can go upward from there.

The higher the profile of the target, the higher the rate. When one of the targets was upset at trial about how little the fee was, Chi’kelu reveiled they weren’t worth the c100,000 starting rate of high-profile clients, and the more visible and protected the mark, the more credits such a hit would require.

There is also an option for special requests such as leaving a note or item behind or performing the assassination at a specific time or place, or with a specific weapon. These can vary greatly. For example, Chi’kelu charged c2,000 each for two notes to be left pinned to the bodies. The content of the note were unclear but it referenced something about revenge for stealing a pair of shoes many years ago.

Reaching out to a Baryosi investigator associated with the case who wished to remain anonymous, “These rates may vary across the galaxy depending on the target, the extenuating circumstances, how accessible they are and how much security they have.”

When asked what one can do to not become the target of assassination, the investigator replied, “Don’t do things that would make people want to kill you or if you do; make sure it’s to people who can’t afford the rates.”

The investigator also noted that, “Individuals in fear for their lives can always hire a private security contractor if they feel someone has a reason as well as the credits to have them taken out.”

Sentencing for Chi’kelu will be held at a later date.

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