Triskele Reveals Public Polling Results – #3 Will Shock You!

Today Triskele announced the results of some recent polling of New Gyr citizens! We’ll comb through the data and see the highlights!

  1. 84% of New Gyrans have a positive or neutral opinion of the Silent Conversation! They’re not staying quiet about their support for their government!
  2. 71% feel positive or neutrally towards the New Gyr Militia! Keeping New Gyr safe from stabbings helps promote good will!
  3. 57% have a positive or neutral opinion of the Colonial News Bulletin. We’ll keep working to make that 100%!
  4. BUT! 57% have a negative opinion of Enterios Security! Seems a little low honestly.
  5. And 57%, here’s that number again, have a negative opinion of Admiral Therra’s fleets and its actions. The Immolater still has some fans it seems.
For complaints against Enterios specifically, (not just their security force) the majority of New Gyran respondents made the following complaints:
  • Managing ancient tech unfairly
  • Exploiting natural and other resources
  • Poor resolution of security disputes
  • Lack of moral and ethical leadership

Sounds like Entirely Bad News for Enterios!

Now, for Augment and AI news!

  • 100% of New Gyrans support greater rights for augments! They
  • 86% of New Gyrans believe that at least some androids should be allowed to apply for human-equivalent legal status.
  • 57% of New Gyrans feel that unchecked automation or runaway AI are real serious threats to the galaxy! Still wary of attacking robot armies on this planet.

For more of the galaxy’s best reporting, keep checking in at the Colonial News Bulletin!