6 Years Later Terrorist Attack Remains Unsolved

Six years ago, a terrorist attack in the vibrant downtown square of Three Stone Harbor, the capital of New Gyr, took the lives of nearly one hundred people. The identity of the terrorists responsible has never been confirmed. Evidence points to the attack being caused by Agerran Purists, mainly being that the smoke from the attack was in the bright black and white colors of the Agerran flag. However, official reports from the Silent Conversation remain silent on the matter, and colored smoke does not proof make.

As the people of New Gyr celebrate thirty years of the colony remaining happy, vibrant, and successful, this shadow of the past still haunts many New Gyrans, who lost loved ones or were injured in this event. The Downtown of Three Stone Harbor would normally have been within Health Hub range, and official reports state that exotic materials used in the construction of the explosion released shrapnel in the form of ball bearings that the Health Hub could not handle.

Recent investigation proves that the official report was wrong. People didn’t die in the explosion from exotic materials, but evidence instead shows that the Health Hub was in fact temporarily shut down in a safe, controlled manner, which implies that the attack was made by operatives from major galactic powers or megacorporations who would have the intel needed for such a precise operation, or the Health Hub’s engineering staff.

The New Gyr Militia’s investigations ruled out the Health Hub’s engineering staff, meaning that the suspect would have to be current or former associates of a galactic power, or corporations.

The explosive devices were improvised devices yet also precise, indicating a high level of skill. They were designed to go off in sequence, to force people away from the initial blast, corralling them towards one of several exit paths which were then the subject of subsequent detonations.

The Agerran Flag colors in the smoke are not confirmed to be proof that the attack was either carried out by Agerre or Agerran Purists, as it could have been an attempt by others to deflect blame to them, says the report.

The three most likely suspects were

  • Agerran Purists, off-world Agerrans who possibly may have been reacting in response to the Silent Conversation’s lack of condemnation of the actions of Ya-Rett’s Irregulars.
  • The Enterios Corporation, who possibly may have been engineering a situation that would lead to greater security levels on-world, resulting in higher profits
  • Ya-Rett’s Irregulars and Admiral Therra, who may have been reacting to the possibility that the Silent Conversation was even considering condemning the actions of the Irregulars in regard to the bombardment of Agerre.

The Silent Conversation did not end up commenting at all on the issue of the Irregulars and Agerre. While this new information gives slightly more information about the terrible attack of six-years ago, the identity of the terrorists responsible remains a mystery.

As we approach the anniversary of the attack, a reminder that the New Gyr Militia will accept any information that could lead towards finding those responsible.

The full report is available here: Investigative_Report_-_Three_Stone_Harbor_Attack