Who’s Who: The First Graduates of the Innate Academy

Today, the Innate Academy graduated its first class. The diverse group, from New Gyr and planets far beyond, come from many different walks of life. Profiled below is the first graduating class.


Gafa An-ryn, a Gyran, came from a seafaring background. A strong idealist, she came to the academy as a youth to share her abilities with others–in particular, her ability to share understanding She describes her innate talent as broadcasting–sharing her emotions, sensations and mental state with those around her.

“The more we can understand across planets, the better we can find peace.”

She is seeking a role in government, either in the Silent Conversation or with the diplomatic corps, where she hopes to help all sides grow in understanding.

“I truly believe Innate powers should be used for good.”

For the demonstration, Gafa shared a broadcast of her mind through an elegant dance. She invited those who wished to share her feelings of anguish for the state of Innates across the galaxy. Those who joined found this sadness, but as all participants moved uncannily as one, hope and joy bloomed across the crowd.


Zenya En-fel, 7th Prince of the Shallow Isle, a Gyran, brings a generous and ribald energy to the world. The young man’s zest for life shows just how flesh-and-blood they can be. Only after insisting that consent is always clearly confirmed, he describes his abilities as “erotic mind control.”

His powers involve linking minds together to share experience and sensation. His demonstration involved all participants who consented joining on a meditative journey. As a journalist, I felt the ability to participate but did not; others, such as celebrity designer Gossamer joined, with the result she described as “like heady whisky.”

“Ain’t no f–k like a mindf–k”

Zenya clearly loves his planet, and is interested in preserving the seas and coralscape of the planet. As a Gyran, he maintains an affable separation, considering those from off planet “aliens,” but shows no hesitation in sharing his intimate moments with any who ask.

“Innates have such enormous potential to work positively for the galaxy, and we are stronger together.”


Lorien Gyr, born an Ottsalian, once Lorien Exile, learned of their powers from a young age, always seeing the world as connected.

“The world around me vibrates. People vibrate. The objects around me are closer than they seem.”

Lorien’s abilities manifest as an ability to move objects with a mere though, but more importantly to them, to knit wounds in objects back together. They describe seeing in a person, deep down, how their body’s self conception doesn’t always match the flesh. Lorien’s drive is to help bring the corpus to match this self conception, curing grievous wounds with a thought.

“Innates are your children, nieces, nephews, grandparents. All people you know. When you are cruel, you teach others cruelty is OK.”

They were found by one of the instructors at the Academy on the wilds of Ottsalia and brought to the Academy for training. They are interested in pursuing member ship with the order of Dawn.

Lorien’s demonstration was of a technique to calm the pains of augments. Lorien has offered free pain adjustments to any augments, as well as their willingness to teach this technique to any curious innate.


Lucius Gorai, a Gyran, came by his powers from a lauded family tree of Innates. He grew up with a desire to protect others, and has focused his telekinetic effort on conflict deescalation.

His demonstration was perhaps one of the most alarming–attempting to show his ability to stop assailants without bloodshed, he invited two skilled swordspeople-one his sister-to make an attempt at his life. His powers caught the two simultaneously; one he disarmed, but his sister’s sword flew from her grasp and stabbed into his torso. As he said after recovery,

“Performance anxiety is a bitch.”

I should note that, though an injury was dealt, Lucius limited it to himself. Further, innate ability was used to swiftly heal his injury. Lucius is concerned with the potential for innates to harm others, and has been contemplating integrating innates with the militia or other policing bodies.


Vashti Ryn-va, a gyran, Academy valedictorian and student body president, has been working with her innate gifts since before her time at the Academy. She has assisted Triskele in construction and beautification efforts with her telekinesis.

“We are people just as anyone else. We are no different than a brilliant scientist or composer. We are all driven to help others.”

She is interested in continuing her studies, potentially by partnering with Enterios.

Her demonstration went a bit awry, with her attempt to lift several rocks backfiring and sending her flying backwards. No one was injured. She gives the cause for the unpredictable outcome as nerves from performing for an audience.


Flynn Ryf-va, a Gyran, grew up in Three Stone Harbor. She visited Dor Len Sono as a youth, and there found she could “call” plants–bend them towards her, as if the leaves and shoots were in a breeze.

“They can feel the sun, they can feel the breeze, they can feel if someone is stepping on them.”

Her demonstration took the form of sprouting six seeds at once, and drawing the young plants forth like taffy, entwining the shoots until the plant of six parts grew into a fruit-bearing adult over the span of scarcely a minute. Each seed was represented in the final plant, bearing six types of fruit.

She is driven to learn greater use of her powers, but also to escape persecution. While her family is proud of her abilities, Flynn is aware few innates have the luxury of supportive loved ones.

After graduation, she plans on continuing research, but Flynn is nervous about corporate funding–she imagines the issues of wage slavery and loss of autonomy weaving into whatever work might come of megacorp-funded research.

“We’re just normal.”

She wanted to leave me with the thought that almost everyone in the galaxy likely knows someone who is hiding innate talent.


Galen Dosahe, a Baryosi, comes from a planet where innates are feared and loathed. His eyes are haunted and yet determined to show his home world what he and those like him can do. Born under the shadow of a Titan, a lucky sign by Baryosi reckoning, he has always loved science. He takes this passion into applying his innate abilities.

“I’ve learned to think small.”

His demonstration was of fine control by telekinesis–the replacement of an atomic flywheel within a disposable (yet pricy) weather drone. His work penetrated the delicate membrane of the drone without rupture or spill, and while the drone was brought from inactive and expired to exhuberant and less-than-controlled activation, Galen maintains the techniques are getting ever more precise.

“Baryos is first in science, and could be first in Innate science.”

After graduating, Galen wishes to continue his research. Though he’s been approached by Triskele and Enterion, he is suspicious of their motives and principles. Rather, he wants his innate abilities–and those of all other innates–to be a source of pride to their home communities.


With the first class of the Innate Academy graduated, we have reached a new era. Whether the galaxy likes it or not, innates are learning from innates; organizing, learning and exploring what their abilities mean.

Will these seven idealistic youths be ambassadors capable-enough of thawing the icy skepticism over the role innates play in our societies? Will the New Gyran model be looked to elsewhere? Time will tell, but for now, these proud graduates have few doubts.