Silent Conversation Nullifies Treaty with Enterios, Secures Nodes, Announces Planet-Wide Vote

The Silent Conversation has acted quickly in response to the revelations from Enterios. They issued the following four directives

  • The Voyage Point Safeguard Treaty concerning the use of the AI by the Enterios Corporation is rendered null and void by the Silent Conversation
  • Silent Conversation has a designated temporary holding to the New Gyr Militia and the Dawnlighters
  • Silent Conversation issuing a subpoena to Enterios for documents for control and operation of Network Notes
  • The Silent Converation will hold a planet-wide vote tomorrow concerning who shall take ownership of the network nodes and the Ancient AI. Given the seriousness of this matter, the Silent Converation will not decide on its own but take direction from the entire planet as this is too serious for the Silent Conversation to decide on its own.

Until the vote, the nodes will not be used and no interference will be permitted. This vote was unanimous among the Silent Conversation. There was no disagreement from members.

Treaty required mutual consent for any technology that changes the AI and how the AI is interfaced with, even if the technology does not modify the AI it represents a violation of the treaty.

The Colonial News Bulletin was informed by Silent Conversation member Leye Rag-im.