Enterios Press Conference – A Second Look at a Reporter’s Notes

Given the chaos of this evening, I’ve decided to go through some of my notes to provide further detail on some of the events that occurred.

Prior to erupting into a shouting match between Enterios and the reset of the major faction leaders of Voyage Point, New Gyr – the Enterios Press Conferences started like any other.

Enterios announced that Executive Director of Enterios New Gyr, Fission Endeavor has been promoted to a position on the Enterios Executive Board. It is unclear if this is related to an open position on the board reported on earlier and with the events that transpired afterward, a single mysterious death was small-picture.

CAS-17 spoke about the discovery of the Ancient AI 30 years ago calling it the “Birth of galactic change”.

Shortly after the Phaelos III Crisis, formal relations between the government of New Gyr and the Enterios corporation were captured in the Voyage Point Safeguard Treaty. Specifically this limited limited two-way communication with the Ancient AI. In describing this means of communicating with the AI, CAS-17 said that the Ancient AI was, in a sense, “shackled”.

Of course this is the same AI whose defense mechanism sent a seemingly unstoppable army to attack the colonists on world at the time and whose fully charged superweapon was capable of destroying a planet.

This is why many present for the Press Conference became concerned when Enterios Chairman Reczak Taizon mentioned that the creation of the three nodes had given Enterios “Command and Control Functions” of the superweapon.

This was not ran past the Silent Conversation, which caused many objections in the room from the leader of the Augment Union to the leader of the Order of Dawn and the Speaker herself. CAS-17 had to pause for a response, seeming to buffer as it processed the information it had received.

Enterios tried to argue that the Treaty was for a very specific interface and not the new interface that they had created. They maintained that the Existing Networks are still available and unchanged. At one point Taizon tried to assert that the Ancient Artifacts and even the AI itself were “property of Enterios”. Even some of the Enterios employees seemed taken aback by the statement.

There isn’t much more left in my notes after that since it was shortly after that point that Sawyer Ry-genTaizon tried to assassinate Taizon.