The Voice Comes Clean – J. Placebo is The Voice

J. Placebo, well known as a member of the band RFCB, has been identified as The Voice of the Ascension Revolt. CNB’s analysts have compared The Voice’s known recordings with audio samples from RFCB’s music, pre-modulation.

Our analysts have determined that these voice samples all come from the same individual.

When confronted with this in a private channel, Placebo confessed that this was truth. They are in fact Jacobin Placebo, also known as The Voice during the bloody years of the Ascension Revolts on Zé.

In this confrontation, Placebo confessed that they felt deep regret about their actions during the Ascension Revolts. They do not believe that they can ever sufficiently repent for their own actions. Nor do they believe repentance is  possible for at least two other revolutionaries with whom they worked closely.

In their words, “I was a stupid idealistic kid who’d never seen a minute of battle, and more than that a kid who was in love with someone who was intensely charismatic. I believed everything I was told. Until the day they finally let me go into the field.” That charismatic individual was Sol Kesazu. Placebo says that Sol Kesazu is on New Gyr, with a new face

“I knew people died,” they continued, “I just didn’t know they all died. I always thought we were the good guys, you know? You don’t think of the good guys as pulling people apart limb from limb.”

In words reminiscent of those used by New Gyr’s planetary AI earlier today, Placebo said that they were “a weapon desperately trying to be a tool.”

They added that, because of the harm they’d inflicted during the revolts, “My voice is a weapon I chose not to use for a very long time.”

It seems particularly fitting, then, that Placebo was discovered due to incorporating an accidental recording taken while they were asleep into one of their songs. They were known by their voice, both in the past and today.


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