Silent Conversation Decides to Keep Quiet About Possible Assassination of Former Speaker

In a closed-door meeting of the Silent Conversation, concerns about the circumstances of Speaker Fen Ga-run’s death six months ago were raised. It has been stated by one member – difficult to discern who due to the nature of how this information was obtained – that Enterios is suspected of being responsible. The word “assassination” was used.

A vote was held to publically authorize the New Gyr Milita to investigate. It was noted that this does not target a specific individual, but the circumstances of the death. With suspicions brought up by members of Enterios, it is likely that one (or more) suspects may emerge – either from their Security Force or their Executives.

The Silent Conversation decided to withhold going public with this authorization as a “political decision”. One has to wonder what other things they have been silent about due to politics. The Colonial News Bulletin will do its best to find out.