Press Conference Criss: Enterios has full control of Ancient AI, Enterios Chariman Almost Assassinated

The Enterios Press Conference devolved into violence this evening. Enterios announced a new interplanetary network system tied to the Ancient AI, one that would not only improve coverage for Augments and Androids, but would also give Enterios complete control over the Ancient Technology deep within New Gyr. It runs on three nodes, in the Cypress Room, the Gyra Cultural Center, and the Med Bay, which require physical contact to use. Theoretically, it would have given Enterios the power to hold the galaxy ransom.

The Silent Conversation voiced their displeasure with this, claiming it to be a violation of their treaty with Enterios. An argument broke out, in which researcher Gaius Archon and chairman of the board Reczak Taizon defended their stance by claiming that Enterios not only controls all of their infrastructure on the planet, but that they own all of the Ancient tech on New Gyr as well. This lead to the Silent Conversation’s denouncement of Enterios’ behavior, and a demand that the Nodes be shut down. Taizon explained that merely shutting down the Node could possibly have dire consequences. CAS-17 attempted to be the voice of reason, agreeing to not use the Nodes until a proper agreement with the Silent Conversation could be made.

Sawyer Ry-gen moments after attempting to assassinate Reczak Taizon, Chairman of the Board for Enterios.

Suddenly, one of the crew of the Abyssal Hook, Sawyer Ry-gen, savagely attacked Reczak Taizon, who is currently in critical condition. This ended the public part of the meeting. Following that, the Silent Conversation and Enterios held a discussion, the results of which are soon to be announced.