Enterios Android Threatens Dor Len Princess

During the Cultural Exchange at the New Gyr 30th Anniversary celebration last night, an Enterios Android pulled Dor Len Sono Princess Dido Sou Roda out of the building for a private discussion.

When the princess was done with the conversation and attempted to leave, the android pulled out a sword and demanded that she stay. Before the android could harm her, it was stopped by a group including a Triskele Android, Tau, who was present at the scene.

Princess Roda stated that the android was not a threat to her, and that she wasn’t in any danger. The disabled Enterios android, while being taken away by Enterios Security gave this statement: “Nothing’s wrong with Enterios Androids. Something’s wrong with society.” An investigation into what caused this incident is ongoing, with Enterios set to release their findings at tomorrow’s press conference.

Editor’s note: Between finishing this article and it’s publication, Enterios confirmed that the droid that attacked was of Enterios make, was owned by a private citizen (who they did not know the identity of) and attacked of its own accord. No malicious code was present.