CNB Editorial: Vote for the Future! Vote for New Gyr!

The following represents the official opinion of the Colonial News Bulletin on New Gyr regarding the pending vote this afternoon. 

Enterios built a way to talk to the Ancient AI under the planet more effectively. This can bring incredible prosperity, or destruction on a level that would make Admiral “The Immolater” Therra look like a child. The Silent Conversation has revoked the contract that gives Enterios exclusive rights to use the Ancient AI, use it to run a planetary network. But now, someone else needs to take over the role that Enterios was holding.

The main options that have been given are all bad.

  • Enterios continuing to run the Ancient AI and using it to give themselves a tech boost over any potential competition isn’t a good idea. Yeah, the assholes who decided “WE OWN ALL OF THE ANCIENT TECH” and didn’t have the capacity to realize how their actions would be perceived by the public aren’t likely to be there, but the corporate culture that empowered them will remain.
  • Triskele is the lesser of the two evils, but as idealistic as many of their personnel on New Gyr are, their corporate success has resulted from the expense of many, Android and Augment alike. While the local team seems to have genuinely good intentions, they are still part of a intergalactic megacorp, with all that entails.
  • Atoll doesn’t have the infrastructure on their own, and their financial backer has connections to organized crime. Seriously. How many times do I have to make it clear that Dynamo is a money launderer for the Down City Partnership before someone actually takes action? And if they do get supported by CAS-17, then it’s just mini-Enterios, and that’s not any better.

Okay, then what? The Silent Conversation on their own can not run it. Now.
Leaving it alone and unused, now that the technology does exist to access it, isn’t an option either.

OUR proposal? The Silent Conversation create a state-owned service that will take over the upkeep, by buying out Atoll.

Yes, this is not a Gyra way. But neither is controlling ancient superweapons that can threaten the entire galaxy. While tradition is nice, adapting to the realities of the present situation is also necessary.

Taking a page from Agerre is actually for the best in this situation, going for a communal answer for a problem that doesn’t just impact one world, but all of them.

The Ancient Technology can not be given to corporations. Actual government bodies need to step in, as the capability to blow up planets can not, MUST not be given to organizations that run for profit. The Silent Conversation, as a body run by and accountable to the people of New Gyr, can take the bold move. Break with tradition, embrace the future.

The logistics? Atoll’s resources, when acquired by the Silent Conversation, possibly supplemented by Ancient researchers from Baryos and the University of Titan’s Passage as well as the Order of the Dawn. It will take longer, be a more difficult path than having Enterios back in control, but the end results will be worth it.

We implore this of you, people of New Gyr. The three options placed in front of you are worthless. Choose the future.

Which option do you want to vote for this afternoon?

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