OP/ED: The Colonial Congress Vote

Everyone has been spending a great deal of time discussing the impending votes about legal rights for artificial beings, and which corporate power should be running the majority of New Gyr’s infrastructure. But there’s one more thing on the agenda that isn’t getting the discussion it deserves.

The issue of if New Gyr should join the Colonial Congress.

New Gyr is the only real hold out towards joining the Colonial Congress. New Gyr has taken pride in independence from galactic governments, yet the price for that independence has been a greater reliance on megacorporations. If New Gyr desires to head in a direction that decreases the influence of large corporations, something must fill that void. While it is true that the Colonial Congress is primarily a trade organization rather than a true galactic power, closer ties to other worlds will lead to greater things. New Gyr has already seen the help that they have received from Dor Len Sono. Baryosi aid with the scholars from the University of Titan’s Passage to help study the ancient tech as an alternative to Enterios or Triskele would lessen the absolute control those companies would have.

If New Gyr joins the Colonial Congress, there is very little to lose, and much to possibly gain. It isn’t a perfect decision, but a galaxy with more unity is a stronger galaxy.