SUBMISSION: Opinion: What Does None Mean

What does the choice None mean to me? I was asked this by someone who is concerned for the future of New Gyr, my home these past ten years.


None, for me empowers the Silent Conversation to plan steps for a New Gyr without corporate oversight. A government selected to represent its people who is empowered to make the best choices.


This transition will not be easy, nor will it be simple.


There are parties already working to come together to take intelligent next steps.


The Order of Dawn will continue to provide medical aid. Members will continue to work with communities to become self organizing and support themselves. When asked we will continue to provide aid, this will not change.


The New Gyr Militia will continue to provide security, protection, and enforcement of global and local laws. Their numbers will need to increase, and voting none means that recruitment may increase to allow communities to feel safe.


The Current will continue to provide communication and a connection to the old ways within the communities. To bring the lost traditions that were lost with a planet back to a new gathering of the Gyran people.


Joining the Colonial Congress would have many benefits that would cushion the difficulty of the coming transition. This choice will keep the routes of trade open, keep a New Gyran voice within galactic politics, and usher New Gyr into the strong defensive and economic alliance of the Colonial Congress.


This transition will not be easy, and the pain of losing the corporations will be difficult. But like Dor Len Sono and Zé I believe that New Gyr will rise stronger than before. I submit this to The Colonial Bulletin with the hopes that other parties on this planet will speak up about how they will help New Gyr to come into itself.

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