READER SUBMISSION: Please, don’t let off-world activists ruin our planet

[Written WITHOUT consent of the Triskele Corporation]

Over the past few hours, you’ve heard a lot from the “none” activists, Non-Gyran anti-corporate protestors who want to put the planet on a better way forward. (Have you seen a single “none” poster held by a local? I haven’t) But so far, they don’t have a plan. They have multiple plans, none of which address the infrastructure needs of New Gyr—which is unsurprising, considering that many of the planners have strong political agendas based on other planets’ problems.

This is wishful thinking, and quite frankly, as a native New Gyran—and not as a corporate representative, I am ashamed, and feel a bit insulted. The Stinging Eyes are an Ottsalian activist group, who want to use our delicate planet as a laboratory for untested politics, just to make their point. The band RFCB, vocal as they may be, are not New Gyrans. They don’t understand what this planet means either, how badly its people need peace and stability, to prosper in the galactic scene.

Please. I know it sounds bad, but give the corporations a chance. Talk to the local people: they need roads, they need greater protection for the oceans. So far, there is no anti-corp proposal that can actually address this outside of wishful hope. Without investment, how can New Gyr ever grow large enough that the other homeworlds will listen?

We won’t. We’ll fail, thanks to outsiders with a political agenda who want to treat the Gyran people like their experiments.

Please. Ask the members of the Silent Conversation who they are going to vote for. Ask a New Gyran who they are going to vote for. Listen to our people; don’t throw us by the wayside to further an agenda on Ottsalia, or Baryos.