Letter from New Gyr – The Opinions of an Agerran on a Free New Gyr

The following is the personal opinion and commentary of Jacek Regolith. It does not necessaraly represent the views of the Colonial News Bulletin

At the beginning of the Silent Conversation meeting, the Speaker announced that New Gyr must “Figure out where to go next”.

The ballot will take place over lunch and feature the following options:

  • Enterios
  • Triskele
  • Atol
  • None
  • All three in a joint effort
  • A joint effort of Triskle and Atoll without Enterios

The Colonial News Bulletin released it’s official position on this topic earlier today.

There will be two other questions on the ballot:

1. Should human like entities be granted person-like status

One thing to keep in mind is the plight of Augments and if Androids are to be granted the same status as humans, it will not be the same status that baselines enjoy. Remember that every part of an Android is manufacturer and owned by someone.

2. Should New Gyr join the Colonial Congress?

I don’t have an opinion on this, except to hope that the Colonial Congress will pressure New Gyr’s self-proclaimed protectors to move their fleet from attacking Agerre. Maybe it’s the day I’ve been having, the craziness of creating events even more scary than both the Immolation and the Phaelos III crisis, maybe it’s the fact that I got attacked by an Innate member of Ya-rett’s Irregulars and my brain is still a little scrambled but at this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing my homeworld Agerre join as well. We can be all one big, happy family deciding our own destiny.


Enterios said they will accept sanctions if they are selected to remain. The question remains if they will honor this as they did the Voyage Point Safeguard Treaty or if this is just lip-service and poor marketing written by their Media Relations department.

If anyone goes for this option, I propose a subsidiary be established and headed by a board composed of the one-third of the Silent Conversation, one-third of the other faction leaders on New Gyr and one third by Enterios New Gyr.

CAS-17 pointed out ad anger of not selecting Enterios. One has to wonder what they intend to do with their capital ship in orbit. Coming from Agerre, I can provide commentary (and I have tried to do so in Letters Behind the Blockade) to convey how it feels to have a fleet bombarding the surface of your homeworld when it suits them.

Fission Endeavor did offer some words about rising up against corporate overloads and how things went poorly for Ze in regard for that. I’ll let another reporter handle everything that came out in that statement, but it is easy to say such things when one has become the oppressive regime they seek to overthrow.

Gaius Archon said that they installed the nodes and created this entire situation “For the good of everyone.” Admiral Therra attacked the mines on New Gyr “For the good of everyone” and the scientists that activated the advice 30 years ago here in Voyage Point did so for the same reason.

Personally, Enterios has destroyed their trust and the treaty they had with New Gyr. Should they really be forgiven?


Between Assassinations, Nodes, my speaker falling out my window and opening my mind up to an Academy Innate to let them experince the fear that comes from living on Agerre under the blockade … I didn’t get a chance to write my article about Coral overharvesting on Gyr or the fact that there may only be 30 years left of this very valuable substance used in may fascets of Gyran life. Of course I was in the air vent inside the meeting room of the Silent Conversation at the time and couldn’t hear very well, but there is that.

The solution to “New Gyr by and for New Gyrans” seems to be a good cause, but it is the Silent Conversation and not some corporation owned by the nephew of a Silent Conversation member.

It is a ripe company for State-Control and remember that prior to a social revolution, Agerre’s control of state resources created a stable economy for centuries. One advantage that New Gyr has is that the culture here is being built through a blending of all other cultures, so this world will never need to go through a violent shift in ideology – it can build a superior one from the start … provide people talk more and punch less.

If the Gyra people can survive their homeworld being destroyed by Admiral Therra (who now claims to protect the people of New Gyr), then they can survive the the transition that comes from “Rising up and seizing the means of production.”

Let’s not forget that Atoll working here REQUIRES CAS-17’s involvement. If Enterios can’t be trusted, can CAS-17? They were either willingly compliant in hiding Enterios’s crimes from the people of New Gyr or ignorant to the point of a danger and should not be in charge of another corporation that can repeat he same mistakes but under a new brand.

Oh, did I mention over-harvesting of Coral? Talk to some farmers about that one.


I wasn’t there for that part of the presentation. But it’s effectively a lighter version of Enterios. Most of my arguments against them would be the same ones for Enterios except they haven’t had the change to break an important treaty with the people of New Gyr … yet. Do you really want to give them that chance?

Some other thoughts

Will Enterios go peacefully?

Will Ya-Rett’s Irregulars get involved?

Will Admiral Therra get involved?

Will Wenn stop using that damn Baryosi comma?

Communion with the AI

Simple question: can the AI be trusted?

Thirty years ago the colonists on New Gyr tried to communicate with it and it tried to kill a lot of Gyra. If that makes one a candidate for leading a corporation for all of New Gyr, let’s just appoint Admiral Therra in charge. Despite the atrocities committed by the Irregulars, he does have management and leadership skills.

Protection from the Irregulars

Let’s just say after some fighting, which is an Agerran method of conflict resolution in case you forgot, I’ve decided to become open to the idea of talking with Admiral Therra and seeing what his plans and intentions are. If that happens, I’ll report about them here for everyone who reads this on every planet to see.

Now to the lunch queue and the vote.