Letter to the Editor: Silent Councillor Breaks Silence – A Vote For None is a Vote For Enterios

Leye Rag-in, Councillor to the Silent Conversation and Leader to the Ways of the Currents, wrote this letter to discuss their views on the upcoming vote.

Thirty years ago, the people of Phaelos III made a choice to found the state of New Gyr. This was the right decision. But it came with a cost that has gone long unacknowledged. Our principles are important, and we let them guide us – but we have to stay cognizant of the consequences to our choices.

Today we reckon with the cost of our total freedom. Our pure independence, that we have fought so desperately for, caused a vacuum of power into which Enterios built our infrastructure. Our hospitals, our roads, our networks, our spaceports, and even many of our bodies – these are all owned by Enterios. They have claimed power over our people and our planet.

A vote for None perpetuates this control. The Silent Conversation cannot buy out these assets from Enterios. So, what happens? Where do they go? They stay with Enterios. And so they are further entrenched. But this time, any semblance of participation would vanish. We can’t simply seize their assets, so our relationship would become even more exploitative. Enterios would milk what profit they could from their remaining assets here.

So our choice to vote None would leave the infrastructure in the hands of Enterios. Functionally, its power would not vanish. It would not even dwindle.

Sadly, I do not see a route through which we could buck corporate control. Now is not the time for us to make that move. That time will come, but if we rush it now, we will be running against the current of the world.

But we can ease the pain. By making corporations domestic, by choosing Atoll, we grant the Silent Conversation the ability to regulate our world directly, in a way we otherwise cannot in intergalactic affairs. The Silent Conversation is capable of regulating Atoll in a way that we have not so far been able to with Enterios.

Please understand this: that a None option, at this time, leaves our societal structure in place, untouched. It is a vote for more of the same. And that leaves Enterios in control.

Thank you,
Leye Rag-in
Councillor to the Silent Conversation
Leader to the Ways of the Currents