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The 6 weirdest Augments ever sold. You won’t believe number 2! [SPONSORED]


#6: SharkNose, “The Nose that Pros Know Knows”

Sold by: Green Excelsior Evo Solutions

SharkNose started out as an okay idea. Since many Ottsalian sharks have the ability to sense electric fields with their noses, Green Excelsior designed a dynavolution surgery that gave humans a shark nose. Of course, SharkNose couldn’t do anything that a handheld electrician’s sensor couldn’t, but the surgery saw some limited success among engineers who wanted to keep their hands empty.

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Letter to the Editor: A Soul Makes a Person, not Artificial Intelligence

Dear Editor,

I remember a time when Robotics research held the lofty goal of easing human labor and creating better tools, not fashioning “people”.  Now, it seems, the Galaxy has gone mad and we are asking ourselves if we want to give human status to machines – to tools, mind you.

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Enact AI Legislation Now before Politicians Become Obsolete

The G9-45, Enterios’s latest and greatest in un-capped, fully autonomous androids, debuted in a limited sale on Ottsalia last week. Leveraging the most adaptable AI ever produced, it is capable of handling nearly all tasks formerly requiring a human user – completely eliminating the need for human labor, if you can afford the price tag. Though organic staff members may still oversee them in some workplaces, they will likely soon be replaced by robots.

How about Humanly Outraged? – Response to Innately Outraged

Humans are not machines, and machines are not humans. That’s just reality, and the HUMAN capability to feel empathy has nothing to do with it! New Gyr should indeed be a place of refuge, but granting human status to non-humans will not further that goal.

There is nothing greedy or complacent about using robots for labor that no human can safely do. Frankly, intelligence caps on androids may very well be preventing humans from being ruled by deathless cybermasters!

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Enterios Corporation linked to rat problem on New Gyr

Enterios Corporation has been linked, in part, to the introduction and continued presence of rats on the world of New Gyr.

Through its research, the Colonial News Bulletin has officially linked Enterios as a contributor to the rat problem on New Gyr. Multiple documents and accounts from the planets founding, when it was still called the Phaelos III colony, were studied.