Letter to the Editor: The great table breaking was staged


I’m probably going to have some people come down on my for this, but the whole folk tale of the “table chopping incident” has gone on for too long and as my days wane, it’s time I speak up.

When I first came to New Gyr, then called Phaelos III, I was a maintenance worker for Enterios. We helped set up the colony, including the conference room where the alleged incident happened. I was partnered with a new kid and he wasn’t that strong, so the table was dropped a few times and there was some significant cracking on the underside. The top looked fine, so our supervisor said go ahead. “We’ve got to save the company money after all,” was his line.

Further adding to stress was that several heavy boxes were placed on top of it and noticeable cracking noises were heard. We quickly removed the boxes and it looked fine, but we advised everyone not to put too much weight on it, otherwise collapse was possible.

Just before the incident, I observed that all the conference materials were placed toward the center, right along the fracture line of the already weakened table. It wasn’t a chop that did that table in, but just the weight of the sword alone was the last bit of weight that finally did that table in.

If you ask me, anyone who believes the “table chopping” myth has been taking Kite for too long.

~ An Anonymous Retiree

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