Enterios Corporation linked to rat problem on New Gyr

Enterios Corporation has been linked, in part, to the introduction and continued presence of rats on the world of New Gyr.

Through its research, the Colonial News Bulletin has officially linked Enterios as a contributor to the rat problem on New Gyr. Multiple documents and accounts from the planets founding, when it was still called the Phaelos III colony, were studied.

While common on other planets, rats are not native to New Gyr, so they had to have been introduced externally. Furthermore, every rat subjected to genetic testing can trace its origins to a single common ancestor.

It appears the common rat ancestor was introduced to the planet by a crewmember of the Pearl Ambassador, which was operating on behalf of Stardust shipping at the time. The exact nature of Stardust Shipping’s relationship to Enterios remains unclear, however we do know that Enterios medical personnel treated the rat and likely introduced its offspring to the planet.

Medical records kept by Enterios medical personnel indicate a patient named “Cherry Boy III” presented at the MedBay with a vibro-blade cut.

Normally patient records are sealed, however after a careful review of medical ethics governing officially accredited medical personnel and local laws established on New Gyr, as well as previous laws on Gyr proper, a precedent to release medical records of non-sentient non-humans was found and we were able to obtain the medical records for Cherry Boy III.

Newborn rat Cherry Boy IV rests in the MedBay after being delivered by Enterios medical staff. It is unclear what happened to their siblings, however it is likely they went on to breed and their offspring have resulted in the present rat problem on New Gyr.

Initial examination revealed Cherry Boy III to be pregnant. Further examination reveiled that the injury, combined with stress related to pregnancy, was putting their life at risk. A decision was made to prioritize the lives of the offspring and an emergency c-section was performed. The offspring were delivered healthy, however during the procedure Cherry Boy III, having succumbed to the injuries, was pronounced dead.

Medical records show an entry for Cherry Boy IV receiving initial and follow-up care, however there are no records or account for other offspring, although the logs for Cherry Boy III indicate several more rats were delivered.

At this point, no one within the government of New Gyr has indicated if Enterios or Stardust Shipping will face any consequences as the costs of quelling the animals are starting to become more substantial.

Furthermore there have been no requests to find another supplier of rat poison products and Enterios Rat-B-Gone remains the only brand available in stores without a special order.

At the time of publication, there remains no official response from the Enterios Corporation.

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