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New Gyr’s 30th Annivesary: A Welcome from the Speaker

The following is a message from Speaker Arlanna Ryf-av:

As Speaker of the Silent Conversation, I want to welcome all of you to our commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of New Gyr. We have worked hard to put together an event that recalls our past but looks towards the future; that reflects the diversity of our land and its people; and that emphasizes our commitments to inclusion and fair treatment of all – be they Innate, Evos, or Augment; be they Dawnlighter or Follower of the Tides. We are looking forward to a joyful, hopeful, peaceful celebration, and we hope that you all will join with us in that spirit.

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Speaker Ryf-Av, Silent Conversation: Call to End the Blockade of Agerre

Each morning I wake up and keep to a ritual. Shower. Dress. Coffee and a smoke outside the newsroom. Breakfast occurs somewhere in there, along with some chatting and the start of the workday.

But as I have my coffee and smoke, I take in the scene around me that many others in New Gyr take for granted each day. Green grass and trees toward one horizon. A breeze carries fresh salty spray from the other horizon. Above, a blue sky that kisses the ocean as the two meet in the distance.

Call for Speaker Ryf-Av to not be Silent in Android Conversation

It has been 30 years since the colonists of Phaellos III declared this world to be New Gyr, a place of safety and refuge for the lost and persecuted. To do this they had to rely on the values of empathy and understanding, reaching out to others who they previously feared or called enemies. Now, however, greed and complacency have lead us to put those same values to shame. All around us, every day, sentient Androids suffer in servitude and enforced ignorance due to an outdated legal definition that could be corrected with a few keystrokes.