Romantic Rumors Confirmed: Speaker Ryf-av, Private Eye Hatsen Observed in Tender Moment

Speaker Arlanna Ryf-av and Séjek Hatsen, the well-known private investigator from Black Snow Mountain, were observed kissing in a more than friendly manner in a quiet, empty corner shortly after tonight’s Welcome Ceremony.

This is newsworthy for two reasons. First, Hatsen’s presence here in Voyage Point raises some questions as to what they are investigating. Back channel sources confirm that whatever it is, Hatsen is most definitely in charge.

Second, this confirms longstanding rumors of the two being involved romantically. This is only noteworthy as it will likely be escalated into a political incident. Pro-corporate and pro-Enterios factions will likely take offense with Hatsen’s anti-corporate bias and actions (which have landed him in Enterios detention facilities on several occasions) as attempting to sway the Speaker to take action against the mega-corporation.

However, as this reporter observed, there is little reason for this as Hatsen appeared to have no interest in using their tongue to discuss politics with Speaker Ryf-av.

So unless Enterios wishes to lock Hatsen up again for violating another made-up ordinance such as “initiating public affection without paying an Enterios service fee in a public spot”, they can focus instead on extracting more profit off backs of the people of New Gyr.

Editorial note: Given the timing of this information, it was decided to publish what was known without first obtaining comment from the involved parties. Follow-up will likely occur with comments from Speaker Ryf-av and Hatsen – as well as the inevitable complains from Enterios personnel.

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