Flying High as a Kite in Phaelos III’s Early Days

Kite is an illegal drug in the form of a small, red, fish-shaped candy that, when ingested, produces a significant high in the user. The feeling of being “as high as a kite” is where its name originates. When the first colonists arrived on New Gyr, what was then simply Phaelos III, it became very apparent that the little red fish had swam along with them. 

A dirty piece of Kite sitting on the ground. It was so abundant during the early days of the colony that one colonist remarked in exasperation, “No wonder the criminals love this planet; the drugs just grow out of the ground.”

While under the influence of Kite, there was an incident reported in the MedBay of individuals stealing and ingesting Biofoam which – as the warning labels suggest – is HIGHLY dangerous. Thankfully quick-acting medical personnel were able to defuse the situation and new safeguards were added to ensure the security of their equipment.

Kite also lead to the capture of a crewmember of the Pearl Ambassador who was contracted by Stardust Shipping. This later lead to the arrest of several other contractors and an employee of the company under suspicion of association with criminal elements that eventually resulted in three of the four being killed by decapitation after several failed escape attempts.

It became so common on the early colony that it could sometimes be found on the ground, as if a dirty piece of Kite was something no self-respecting drug user would deign to ingest.

On New Gyr in the present day, it is believed Kite is still traded, but there have been no major busts or arrest within the past several years. Rumors whispered in more dangerous corners of the colony seem to indicate that a new drug might be emerging on the market shaped like a shark.

Despite its apparent decline in popularity, there are indications that some elements of Ya-rett’s Irregulars may be working with the two main criminal organizations to keep the supply of kite flowing. After all, maintaining a constant blockade of a homeworld can be expensive and there have been multiple reports of the Irregulars using less honorable means of doing what they do.

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