The Life and Death of Ya-rett

Arlann Ya-rett was born on Gyr. He was killed while attempting to steal an Commonwealth Capital Ship, which was successfully captured by his Agerran confederate Admiral Therra. The things that happened between these two events are open to debate and interpretation, but it cannot be denied that they had a resounding effect felt across the entire galaxy from the thriving homeworld of New Gyr to the now continuously blockaded Aggere. As we look back at the history of New Gyr’s founding, we must examine the life and history of Ya-rett. 

Today above the homeworld of Agerre, a force of his namesake – Ya-rett’s Irregulars – maintains a blockade of the world. Few ships are able to make it in or out, and those that do reportedly do so by paying tribute to the captains of the vessels. Those that try to sneak by are subject to attack and in some cases their crews are killed and cargos seized. Was this the future Ya-rett envisioned when he spoke of the need for Gyr to rise up – to transition from oppressed to oppressor? Or was his life cut short before he could fully spread his message of peace?

Ya-rett the Activist

Ya-rett was born on Gyr and lived there all of his life. He was proud of his heritage and spoke out when it was threatened. When the Homeworld war began between Agerre and Baryos, it was Ya-rett who argued that Gyr should stay out of it. Though few listened to him despite his pleas that it would end badly for the Gyran people. Gyr, with its massive shipyards, propped Baryos up enough to keep them in the fight and drag the Homeworld war out. Ya-rett kept insisting that these shipyards made them a large target to the Agerrans.

The Immolation of Gyr more than proved Ya-rett correct and of the billions that died that day, one of them was Ya-rett’s son. Ya-rett himself made it out on one of the last shuttles to leave the surface of his ancestral home. The displaced Gyrans first turned toward their “ally” Baryos, but were turned away. Unable to find a safe harbor and with a few million dejected people the last remnants of the Gyran civilization, Ya-rett faced a turning point.

Ya-Rett the REVOLUTIONARY/The Criminal

Following the destruction of Gyr, Ya-rett traveled seeking to bring refugees together and establishing communications between groups of Gyrans scattered around the galaxy. For whatever reason, many Gyrans flocked to Ya-rett’s banner as they searched for more people in the remote reaches of the galaxy and tried to remain ever watchful for a home.

Upset at Baryos for its increasingly pointed refusals to take any Gyra refugees at all and angered by other planets not taking enough of them, Ya-rett’s tactics changed. Eventually his actions would lead his followers to was then Phaelos III, now New Gyr. But for a time, some considered the Agerren colony of Kaldir to have been a viable home.

Of course Kaldir was an Agerran colony and was not moving fast enough for some of the Gyrans. This lead to tension and pressure by members of Ya-rett’s group to force the Agerran’s hands.

“We got more aggressive,” Ya-rett once said. “We realized that this was the beginning of a revolution. Some of my followers saw that as an opportunity to go even further in seeking vengeance.”

Several members of Ya-rett’s group became “more aggressive” and sabotaged a government transport on the Agerran colony of Kaldir. This resulted in the transport crashing into the Lattice.

Kaldir has a unique biosphere home to a rapidly growing fungus known as the Lattice. The Lattice often tries to consume human settlements on Kaldir, and needs to be regularly burned away from the edges of any town. All hands about the transport perished. Ya-rett maintained his innocence in the affair.

Arlann Ya-rett listens to a question during a discussion with the various delegations on Phaelos III. Ya-rett had recently escaped from Stormgate Temple prison where he was incarcerated for sedition and sabotage, among other crimes.

After a trial where he was found guilty of sedition, sabotage and terrorism, among other crimes, Ya-rett was imprisoned at Stormgate Temple on Ze. It has been described as a political prison by some, however the Agerren Commonwealth never referred to it as such.

Ya-rett was not alone at Stormgate. Imprisoned with him was Therra, the man who set in motion the actions that lead to the immolation of Gyr. With nothing else to do, the two spent the next five years of their incarceration talking.

It is not entirely clear who, but a little known ship called the Dancing Crab had a large part to play in history. The crew received a job to pick up a prisoner. They weren’t given the details and were surprised to find Ya-rett of all people waiting for them. However when they tried to leave, Ya-rett refused; agreeing only to go if they brought Therra along with them. They weren’t happy, but it was the only way to complete the job.

The Dancing Crab, with Therra and Ya-rett, made their way to Phaelos III. It was at this time that the first colonists were arriving on the world, as well as several delegations – including a group from the Agerren Commonwealth.

Part of that delegation included Pekter Hakuha, who was the provincial governor on Kaldir for the Commonwealth during the attack. Upon learning Ya-rett had escaped and was on Phaelos III, Hakuha released a statement condemning the action on behalf of the Agerren Commonwealth.

“Ya-rett is a criminal who was given due process to defend himself, but was ultimately found guilty of sedition and sabotage on Kaldir for revolutionary action that lead to fatal acts of sabotage,” Hakuha’s statement read.

“Under his leadership, radicals sabotaged a government transport, which fell into the Lattice and was consumed. I can only imagine their slow deaths from the Lattice, but I did vow to their children that we would not allow that to happen again.”

It would seem Hakuha’s warning fell on deaf ears as a few short days after this statement was released, Ya-rett had boarded an Agerren capital ship along with Therra with the intent to capture it. And later after securing the vessel, at the cost of Ya-rett’s life, the ship was used to attack Agerre killing thousands of military personnel and civilians living above ground.

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Ya-Rett the Thief/The Martyr

During their time at Stormgate, Therra and Ya-rett talked and conspired. When the two were released and came to Phaelos III, they had several goals. The first was to establish the planet as a new homeworld for the Gyran people.

Ya-rett advocated peacefully, talking and reasoning with the various delegations and colonists. Therra – the man who immolated an entire homeworld – threatened violence.

In the end, the colonists used peaceful democracy to vote to keep Phaelos III independent and establish it as New Gyr.

However some scientists who just arrived decided to test a recently discovered Ancient artifact, likely excited about the lack of regulations that would have caused such an effort to take months or years due to safety concerns, turned it on. This resulted in robots which were incredibly powerful appearing and the colonists were attacked. The health-hub on the colony which prevented the colonists from experiencing life-ending injuries was damaged during the incident which became called the Phaelos Crisis.

During the Phaelos Crisis, a nearby Agerran fleet, containing one of Agerre’s two capital ships, was dispatched to secure the newly established colony of New Gyr. Unbeknownst to the Agerran commander, Therra had plans to hijack the capital ship. He partnered with smugglers, a crew of Gyra racers and Ya-rett. The capital ship had been Therra’s flagship during the war and his override codes still worked. However in the process of stealing the ship, Ya-Rett was killed.

Reflecting on the death of Ya-rett and fully in command of a capital ship, Therra declared New Gyr a protected world, though the newly-formed New Gyr government officially denounced his violent actions, saying he did not represent them.

Therra took his ship back to Agerre, where he attempted to attack the planet. Therra issued a public statement inviting any Agerrans who still felt guilt for the Immolation of Gyr to join him in supporting New Gyr and overthrowing the Commonwealth. A significant number of Agerran ships joined Therra, forming a loose fleet that came to be known as Ya-Rett’s Irregulars.

Ya-Rett the Idol

Arlann Ya-rett sits down and listens to members of the various delegations on Phaelos III as he advocates for letting the world become an independent home for Gyrans. This is in contrast to Admiral Therra’s approach which threatened violence.

Ya-rett admitted to those closest to him that he wanted full restitution from both the Agerrans and the Baryosi to pay for their crimes against the Gyran people. This could be why the fleet barring his name sits above Aggerre, not sitting idly by but being “more aggressive”.

Ya-Rett’s Irregulars – an apt name as Ya-Rett himself could be described as irregular. Ya-rett wanted a new planet for the Gyran people and though he advocated peace, he did not seem to object (and in some cases supported) those using “more aggressive” means.

With the attack on Kaldir, he maintained his innocence. With establishing New Gyr, he conspired with Therra and accepted that the Admiral would threaten to harm the colony. And in his last breaths he advocated for peace while participating in an armed theft of an Agerran capital ship – a massive and powerful weapon of war.

Ya-rett’s final words were a message of peace to his people, in hopes that they could build a better world together. It seemed not all people heard those as once Therra, his friend, had control of the capital ship; Therra headed toward Agerre to begin what some call the Agerran Civil War.

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