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How about Humanly Outraged? – Response to Innately Outraged

Humans are not machines, and machines are not humans. That’s just reality, and the HUMAN capability to feel empathy has nothing to do with it! New Gyr should indeed be a place of refuge, but granting human status to non-humans will not further that goal.

There is nothing greedy or complacent about using robots for labor that no human can safely do. Frankly, intelligence caps on androids may very well be preventing humans from being ruled by deathless cybermasters!

Call for Speaker Ryf-Av to not be Silent in Android Conversation

It has been 30 years since the colonists of Phaellos III declared this world to be New Gyr, a place of safety and refuge for the lost and persecuted. To do this they had to rely on the values of empathy and understanding, reaching out to others who they previously feared or called enemies. Now, however, greed and complacency have lead us to put those same values to shame. All around us, every day, sentient Androids suffer in servitude and enforced ignorance due to an outdated legal definition that could be corrected with a few keystrokes.

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Enterios Corporation linked to rat problem on New Gyr

Enterios Corporation has been linked, in part, to the introduction and continued presence of rats on the world of New Gyr.

Through its research, the Colonial News Bulletin has officially linked Enterios as a contributor to the rat problem on New Gyr. Multiple documents and accounts from the planets founding, when it was still called the Phaelos III colony, were studied.

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Knots have tied up New Gyr Fashion

If you’re into the latest New Gyr fashion, you cannot say “Not I” to wearing knots. They can be used in neckwear or incorporated into belts, accessories and even clothing. Turn an ordinary top into an extraordinary one by adding a knot or two in the straps, or a simple length of leather or cord around the waste with an elegant knot offset by some beads or gems. But be careful, there are meanings in knots so what may look cool and fashionable might make your partner jealous if it’s sending a message that you are available.