Jacek Regolith, Senior Editor for CNB to Resign

I’m writing this to announce I will be leaving the Colonial News Bulletin in the near future. You may have read earlier that I was arrested by the New Gyr Militia on charges of being an Agerran Purist. Let me elaborate on this and put all rumors to rest. I must note that this is being published as a condition by the New Gyr Militia of being remanded into my own custody.

I was taken into custody peacefully and I must say that the New Gyr Militia and crew of the Irregular ship the Silicon Hornet engaged in a joint operation. Maybe the ties between Ya-Rett’s Irregulars and the New Gyr Militia indicate a working relationship between the government of New Gyr and the fleet commanded by Admiral Therra – though I’ll leave that story for another reporter to follow-up on.

I am an “Agerran Purist”

CNB Senior Editor Jacek Regolith is arrested by the New Gyr Militia for being a suspected Agerran Purist.

While I’ve worked for the Colonial News Bulletin for 10 years and have risen through the ranks to Senior Editor; I’ve also been working for Agerren Clandestine Service as a Major. Yes, I am what you have come to call an “Agerran Purist”.

I was born on Agerre nearly 30 years ago, just after the start of the blockade. I won’t call it a civil war because I do not believe it to be civil and there can be civility in war. For most of their lives Agerrans live underground. The surface is harsh and life is easier underground. But in the past that didn’t mean that we didn’t live there or travel there.

In my generation, I didn’t see the surface of my world or the sun until I was 16 years old. It was then that I completed my sunwalk. I then was accepted into the Clandestine Service program and trained for four years. During that time I learned about maintaining a covert identity, coordinating operations and some sabotage skills including how to temporarily disable a large area health hub. I know combat better than most standard infantry, but I am nowhere near the level of our Commandos.

I WAS Assigned Missions from AGERRE HIGH COMMAND

Obtain information (ongoing)

I was tasked with gathering what information I could and passing it along to Agerran High Command. Being a reporter and working my way up to News Editor made this task easy as any information I obtained, I could simply publish in the Colonial News Bulletin and other aspects of the Clandestine Service would ensure it made its way to High Command.

Destabilize Economy

Enterios Chairman Reczak Taizon speaks at the Enterios Press Conference.

I was tasked with deepening the wedge between Enterios and New Gyr. High Command indicated that if the Gyra were to throw Enterios out, their economy would collapse and the whole planet would be vulnerable.

High Command didn’t go into detail about this, however my understanding of the situation is that it would require Irregular ships to break off from the Agerre Sector and provide relief and aid to those on the surface of New Gyr; weakening the hold the Irregulars held on Agerre and enabling WHITE FLEET (the public codename for the “Agerran Purist” fleet hiding in deep space) to enter the Agerre Sector and expel the invaders once and for all.

While this part of my mission was a resounding success, Enterios really deserves most of the credit here (special thanks to fellow Agerran Reczak Taizon)  – all I need to was report exactly what they did and public sentiment moved against them based on the truth.

Find Former Agerran Engineers

A medal awarded for specific actions performed for the Agerran Clandestine Service.

I was tasked with finding two Agerran engineers (K. Teivai and N. Ekain – Kit Cobalt and Naraya Equinox, respectively) that helped build tunnels and deep caves where High Command lives and works. The two fled offworld, changed their names and were never tracked down.

Tracking them down was the easy part. Getting the information before they passed it along was the harder part. While I was able to track them down, in doing so I accelerated their timetable and they sent the information they had to Admiral Therra.

To track them down, I created the Letters Behind the Blockade feature section. The primary purpose of this section was to enable me to push information to ensure that the two contacts would approach me. This worked when I published an article saying that the two (along with others) had personal mail. The “personal mail” was fabricated using a standard template to mark an increase in compulsory military service. What I didn’t count on was that this would tip them off that someone was on to them and lead them to give Therra the information much sooner.

Of the letters themselves, they weren’t entirely without modification. Some take several themes and ideas of letters, change the details and merge them into one. In other instances the letters are pure fabrications based on analysis from reports.

What is important is that the images conveyed by them are real and have become part of the Agerran narrative for the past 30 years. The feelings of anger and fear are real and I’ve put some of my own feelings into them.

Of the content that the two had – I was told it was locations of High Command facilities where they lived and worked with their families. It seems that the engineers had a different story, but I’ll leave that up to my old reporting team that I’ll be leaving behind.


These were assignments I took on myself without direction or input from High Command on Agerre.

Eliminate Rogue/Terrorist Cells

I try to maintain an above-board operational aspect when possible. I learned of a cell of individuals claiming to be Agerran Purists – unsure if they were Agerran sympathizers of Ya-Rett’s Irregulars or others claiming to be Purists, but I tasked an on-world resource with wiping them out before they could do any damage.

Provide a Positive, Sympathetic View of Agerre, Agerrans

The Letters Behind the Blockade section and other content produced to provide insight into Agerre and create a positive and/or sympathetic view of Agerrans when possible. I’ve also previously identified Admiral Therra as being the current cause of the plight of those living on Agerre.

Secure Safe Passage for the Family of Innate Academy Student

I didn’t have all the details when I made the deal, but CNB learned that an Innate Academy student’s parents were test subjects for a corporation that Triskele acquired and there were concerns about their safe passage back to New Gyr.

Initially the CNB had wanted to run the story, but doing so might have put the family in danger, so we held off. However while they were in transit, they were still at risk.

I was able to broker a deal where Triskele would confirm that the family was in transit – as a means to ensure they would arrive unharmed – in exchange for keeping quiet on a lesser matter quiet.

Attempt to Contact Admiral Therra, broker deal to end blockade

After a chance encounter with the Silicon Hornet crew that turned out to be members of Ya-Rett’s Irregulars, a line of dialogue lead to the possibility of opening up communications between High Command and Admiral Therra. Ultimately this was too- little, too-late. However the open line of inquiry did provide an opportunity to discuss other things with Admiral Therra, which I don’t feel the need to detail here.