Local Innate Resolves Issue With Triskele

Exile, a graduate of the Innate Academy, has been assured that her parents are safe and on route to New Gyr.

Exile’s parents had been test subjects used by the Vassala corporation. Vassala’s assets had been acquired by Triskele, who as a corporation thought they were just getting the tech and didn’t realize that the “assets” included people until later. Yesterday, Exile, whose Innate powers manifest as a capacity for healing that even works on augments, was approached by a representative from Triskele, whose offer of employment used their parents’ safety as a bargaining chip. After an investigation by the New Gyr Militia and actions taken by the local Triskele branch, the issue has been satisfied and Exile will not need to work for Triskele for the chance to meet their parents. Triskele’s local division will be reuniting Exile with their parents. As to those responsible for the threat in the first place, “Appropriate actions have been taken,” said Gorgeous Palaver of Triskele, in a joint discussion that this reporter had along with with Investigator Zachariah Hazaj from the New Gyr Militia. Triskele sources indicated a genuine desire to make amends for mistakes from their past, and those from the companies they have acquired, and wish Exile the best of luck with wherever their future shall lead them.