Militia arrests Editor of the New Gyr Office of the Colonial News Bulletin

The New Gyr Militia arrived in force to arrest Jacek Regolith, editor of the New Gyr office of the Colonial News Bulletin. The search warrant, signed by Noll Ir-Att, was seeking information on Agerran Purists and Agerran High Command.
Investigator Sejek Hatsen claimed to have found information relevant to the warrant, and Militia Commander Gorai executed the arrest with the backing of several members of the New Gyr Militia. Regolith’s data was surrendered to the Militia, as well as data scans of all of the Bulletin’s computers through hack coins. The editor of the paper was then escorted out of the building, presumably for interrogation.

In addition, reporter Wenn Rocelle was charged with having spied on the Silent Conversation, and WACed, with a trial to be held within the week.