Letters Behind the Blockade: Personal Mail for Agerrans on New Gyr

The following individuals within Voyage Point, New Gyr have personal correspondence from Agerre:

  • O. Arbiter
  • N. Ekain
  • V. Korva
  • K. Teivai

Please stop by the Colonial News Bulletin office on the Second Floor of the Sunset Building to receive your mail. We will need to confirm your identity prior to releasing the contents.

If you know one, or more, of these individuals, please let them know they have mail waiting.

From one Agerran to others, I’m happy to report that someone managed to get a large cache of letters off of Agerre. They might be a few weeks old at this point, which is great since it’s some fairly recent news.

I’ve skimmed a few of the public ones and have been publishing them, but there are a number of private letters that I’d like to circulate.

Thanks you!

Jacek Regolith, Senior News Editor