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Speaker Ryf-Av, Silent Conversation: Call to End the Blockade of Agerre

Each morning I wake up and keep to a ritual. Shower. Dress. Coffee and a smoke outside the newsroom. Breakfast occurs somewhere in there, along with some chatting and the start of the workday.

But as I have my coffee and smoke, I take in the scene around me that many others in New Gyr take for granted each day. Green grass and trees toward one horizon. A breeze carries fresh salty spray from the other horizon. Above, a blue sky that kisses the ocean as the two meet in the distance.

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The Life and Death of Ya-rett

Arlann Ya-rett was born on Gyr. He was killed while attempting to steal an Commonwealth Capital Ship, which was successfully captured by his Agerran confederate¬†Admiral Therra. The things that happened between these two events are open to debate and interpretation, but it cannot be denied that they had a resounding effect felt across the entire galaxy from the thriving homeworld of New Gyr to the now continuously blockaded Aggere. As we look back at the history of New Gyr’s founding, we must examine the life and history of Ya-rett.¬†

Letters Behind the Blockade: A Father’s Grief for Three Children

To the Galaxy at Large,

I had three children once.

My eldest daughter was a researcher and on a surface installation outside of one of the larger caves in the southern hemisphere of Agerre. She was had a brilliant mind and was very gifted, finishing her advanced studies on Baryos two years early. She returned to our homeworld to study the plant and animal life with some new theories about making life-saving medicines. She was killed in an orbital bombardment when Admiral Therra returned.