WAC Update – Reciprocal Compass Disputes Locke Ir-att’s Story

Reciprocal Compass, the ship-partner of the navigator Wind Azimuth, has come forward to publicly state that they observed Locke Ir-att, CEO of Atoll, picking up the WACs on Friday night. In their words:

“I am ancient. From Old Gyr. I witnessed the theft by the CEO of Attol [sic] via my navigator, Wind. I do not trust him. I do not believe his story.”

“I witnessed the actions he took, the words he spoke, his manner of speaking. He could have instantly returned the WACs to the authorities. Wind said they should return them to the authorities and he said he would. This does not match up with his later story of deciding to return them to the med bay.

“Even as he said he would he was slipping them into his pocket. And changing the subject. I have seen countless truths and lies, and I firmly do not believe him.”