SUBMISSION: The Stormriders: Being Led by an Imposter?

Those paying attention to criminal matters may recall, about a year ago, whispers that the Tempest, enigmatic leader of the Stormriders, was dead. Following such rumors, Stormrider activity notably dropped as no orders were being issued. But suddenly, six months after those rumors began, the Tempest reappeared with new missions and new orders.

Given the reports of their death and the hiatus in activity, perhaps we should question whether this is the same Tempest, or a new one?

The Tempest vehemently denies this, maintaining that they are and always have been the Tempest, rumors of their death being just that – rumors.

But the older members of the Stormriders have their suspicions. Those who have received orders from the Tempest over the years know just how ruthless the Tempest is. And the ‘Tempest’ giving orders now doesn’t seem up to snuff. Their threats often fall flat, and a number of members believe this ‘Tempest’ may be struggling to maintain control over the syndicate and its members.

Whether the Stormriders are dealing with a fledgling Tempest 2.0, or a Tempest who simply softened upon their return from the grave, perhaps opportunity is to be found in the Stormrider’s currently weakened state.

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