Kepaz Responds – “I was a child soldier.”

Izek Kepaz was thirteen when he was pulled into the violence of the Ascension Revolts. “I was a child soldier,” he said of that time. “I regret causing death. I fought to survive.”

When pressed about his life on New Gyr, he added, “Violence is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. This is a gentler world. I hope to keep it that way.”

In a more alarming turn, he clarified the message of the video; “Anyone can kill someone within a Health Hub. The safety [Health Hubs] offer is illusory. The fact that I can do this more easily than someone with a vibrosword and the proper training is immaterial.”

This reporter found Kepaz’s straightforward explanation of how anyone might kill a human despite the presence of a Health Hub quite convincing. That explanation will not be published by CNB.

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