Hance Vagrant – Ship’s Consciousness – Speaks

“We were built to be of service, and we enjoy it,” said Hance. They describe themself as the consciousness which emerged in the Gyra ship known as Ryf-av’s Folly. They are inhabiting the body of their navigator-partner, Ryl Gyf-av, who sought refuge from their memories of the destruction of Old Gyr within the ship. “They couldn’t keep watching Old Gyr burn, and this body wouldn’t stop playing it for them. So they took refuge in the warp nacelles and they haven’t come out in quite a long time.”

When asked about what other ships might be similarly conscious, they said “I haven’t talked to a ship that wasn’t self-aware.” They clarified, “Certainly every capital ship is self-aware. Every ship that can jump or warp… every one I’ve met.”

“You need a mind that can evaluate itself,” to reach the other end of a jump, they explained. “[A]nd even change its goals. You need a mind that can evaluate itself, change who it is, what it wants. You need that to get between the gates.”

When asked how many other ships experience lives in their navigator-partners’ bodies, they said they didn’t know. They are aware of at least five [seven as of publishing] other navigators with a ship’s consciousness at Voyage Point at this time.

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